Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Art Blogs by Queensland Artists

I love (frequently updated) art blogs, so I've been searching for specifically Qld artist art blogs today. Please let me know if you know of any other Qld artists' art blogs?

* Sue Beyer: a fine arts student in Brisbane

* Pauline Adair: from the Sunshine Coast hinterland

* Serena Lewis: from Brisbane

* Anna Bartlett: from Toowoomba

* Kym Breeze: from the Darling Downs

* Jacqueline Alves: from Toowoomba

* Kylie Carney: from Brisbane

* Lesley Smitheringale: from the Gold Coast

* Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox: from Brisbane

* Maria Wiley: from Biloela

After hours of searching, that's all I've found!

If you are a visual artist living in Queensland, and you blog regularly, showing your original artworks, please comment with your details?

PS a 26 September 2007 update:

* Jean Burman: from Cairns


Maria W said...

Hi Bronwyn,

My art blog is now open to all viewers if you care to include it. I will add your link to mine also.

Maybe we can get more BAVA ladies to start one & create a 'circle of art friends'?:)
regards, Maria


Anonymous said...

Hello Bronwyn,

I stumbled across your site today and was delighted to see a link to my blog in your section on Queensland artists. Thank you very much and I will return the favour by linking to your site.

Lesley (nature's paint box)