Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Painting: "Shoe Divas"

While the travelling Queensland Arts Council exhibition "Art Shoes" is in town, local artists and potters were invited to produce works on the Art Shoes theme to be displayed locally alongside it.

This is my contribution, entitled "Shoe Divas":

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Painting: "One Magical Day"

I painted this miniature painting over two days, for our local art group's Christmas break up dinner's lucky dip type swap:

Last year names were drawn by chance & each recipient got to choose from the wrapped gifts, one by one, which is a system I prefer.

This year our most famous local artist's husband chose a wrapped gift to hand to each recipient, & recipients just took their turns according to where they happened to be sitting.

Each attendee brought either a piece of their own art (or craft) or art supplies, for the Christmas gift table.

I hope the recipient of "One Magical Day" enjoys having it in her home?

Here is a detail:

Can you tell me what type of bird this is? Yes, it is a real bird, which exists in our real world.

The other bird, on the jersey cow's head, is a Gouldian finch.

The tree is a bottle tree, in case you're wondering why it's a peculiar shape. Here in central Queensland, Australia, we have bottle trees. I hadn't seen any until I moved here (from south east Queensland). I think bottle trees are cute, do you? Here's a photo of a young small one, from my own garden: