Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Painting: "Inspired but Grounded"

"Inspired but Grounded" was inspired by a masked abstract called "Wisps" by English artist Amanda Hone, who I found on EBSQ Self Representing Artists.

I didn't use masking tape for this. For the figures I used a cardboard template, which I first drew then cut out.

"Inspired but Grounded" is one of my most popular paintings, even though it took less time to create than my other artwork. Perhaps its popularity has to do with the fun/play factor - I painted it with more abandon than is my usual painting style.

It's acrylic on thick watercolour paper, professionally framed, 8 1/2" x 12 1/2" (21.5cm x 31.5cm), and is AUD350 (350 Australian dollars).

It's one of a pair of paintings actually: these are the ladies; the other shows the 'blokes'!


Barbara said...

Lovely imagery, Bronwyn. You were right - I clicked on the 100 ideas image instead of "click here". Now I'll sit down with a cup of tea and get busy reading all those ideas - thank you!

an9ie said...

Hi Bronwyn,

Firstly, thanks for visiting my blog! I think finding a good hair stylist is a pain shared by too many. If only we could detach our heads and do it ourselves ...

Great blog - there are so many useful links and tidbits of information. And of course it's always lovely to meet other creative people, especially in Australia!

I agree with the consensus, "Inspired but Grounded" is a wonderful piece.

I had a peek at Amiee's site too, and I really like her "Geisha" pastel.

See you again soon!


tlc illustration said...

This is a terrific piece! Great color and energy.

Thanks also for visiting my blog.

Maria W said...

Hi Bronwyn, I like your blog & this painting is one of my favourites too! Well done :)

andrea said...

I think the repetition is what works so well here. BTW I love your slide show avatar.