Thursday, 6 December 2007

Painting: "One Magical Day"

I painted this miniature painting over two days, for our local art group's Christmas break up dinner's lucky dip type swap:

Last year names were drawn by chance & each recipient got to choose from the wrapped gifts, one by one, which is a system I prefer.

This year our most famous local artist's husband chose a wrapped gift to hand to each recipient, & recipients just took their turns according to where they happened to be sitting.

Each attendee brought either a piece of their own art (or craft) or art supplies, for the Christmas gift table.

I hope the recipient of "One Magical Day" enjoys having it in her home?

Here is a detail:

Can you tell me what type of bird this is? Yes, it is a real bird, which exists in our real world.

The other bird, on the jersey cow's head, is a Gouldian finch.

The tree is a bottle tree, in case you're wondering why it's a peculiar shape. Here in central Queensland, Australia, we have bottle trees. I hadn't seen any until I moved here (from south east Queensland). I think bottle trees are cute, do you? Here's a photo of a young small one, from my own garden:


Abby Creek Art said...

Really nice, Bronwyn! I love the bird on top of the cow's head!

Maria said...

Hi Bronwyn,
It was a good night at the party. Wish I'd had a closer look at your painting. It's very interesting - who is the girl sitting on the cow's back? I wonder what the story is behind your painting:)

I'm so glad Amiee got my painting "Pink Calla Lillies"in the draw:)

Have you done any for the 'Art Shoes' exhibition? Hope to see you there tomorrow night:)

cheers, Maria

Bimbimbie said...

My neighbour has a couple of those bottle trees - they are pretty amazing trees. Is the bird one of the kingfishers ... lovely painting.

Bethel of Bethania said...

I would agree that your bird is a kingfisher usually found new waterholes ... I think they might be related to Kooburras? but don't quote me on that one. Yes I love the bottle trees & when we got up your way to visit with one of our daughters we drive past a particular hill that's full of them ... I often wish I could have one but they grow to too big a tree for old suburbia I feel. OOroo ... Bethel