Thursday, 25 June 2009

Molas: folk art of the Cuna/Kuna (Tule) Indians (South America)

Molas are the folk art of the Cunan Indian women, in South America. Vividly colored panels are used to adorn blouses and are made from pieces of multicoloured material, cut and sewn into narrative and fantasy scenes:

See here for a closer look.

Here's a great article about Molas, at Fashion-Incubator - which even shows a Mola bikini!

You can even buy a "Mola mug" here - & here - at cafepress - take a look!

Because I love Etsy (international handcrafted marketplace) here is what is offered on Etsy as molas.

There's a great article about the Kuna people of Panama, along with some very colourful Mola photos, here.