Friday, 20 November 2009

Nigerian artist: Ifeyinwa Umeike (aka Ify Ojo)

Ifeyinwa Umeike is an Igbo economics graduate, with no formal art training, who paints in gouache and Nigerian fabric cutouts:

Ifeyinwa currently resides in Canada, & her work can be seen at Galeria Quetzal in Cleveland, Ohio, and Nicole Gallery in McCormickville, Chicago. Click here for an article about Nicole Gallery.

"A Red Canoe" is my favourite: - I love the stark clarity of it, due to the white lines/outlines, & the colour combination.

You can see more of Ifeyinwa's art here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi There,
It's Ifeyinwa Umeike-Thanks so much for your lovely post about my paintings I was really touched by it.

Apart form beings artists, we have more in common than you think- I'm also a web designer.
Maybe we should get together and do something in the