Sunday, 12 August 2007

Painting: "Stoney Creek"

"Stoney Creek"
34.5cm x 22cm (13.6" x 8.7")
Acrylic on 300gsm watercolour paper

"Stoney Creek" is one of a series of paintings inspired by prints for sale at the Etsy shop "smallstump".

A creek winds through my parents' property. When we were children, we were allowed to 'swim' in the waterhole only when the creek was flowing with clear water.


DToms said...

I love the effects you achieved with these stones, you have a very nice site with alot of interesting information.
Thanks for stopping by my site and for the nice comment you left on my painting.

Bimbimbie said...

Hello Bronwyn .... thanks for looking in on me and your comment about Blue & Red - *!*

I'm going to linger here for a while, this is one of those funny chance meetings that comes out of the blue when you are thinking about something ... could you email me on so that I can explain myself Annie *!*

Helen Read said...

Hi Bronwyn, thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting so kindly on the shell picture! As you asked, the background started out much darker - and I felt it was too dark... when it was mostly dry, I began to over overpaint, trying to achieve the suggestion of a diagonal (which is a counterpoint to the obvious diagonal of the shells). I think a diagonal composition is often more dramatic - especially with a less dramatic subject!

I enjoy looking at your blog! Great job!

Judy Wise said...

Beautiful painting here and I loved Janey Kenoyer's video.

I can't find your email so I will respond here that my traveling paint set (little plastic tubs that have snap-on lids and hold liquid acrylic) is something I purchased very inexpensively at a locat department store and carry with me with I go. It doesn't hold very much paint but just enought to play a bit in my journal.

Happy creating!

Annie said...

Hi Bronwyn:

I love the combination of pastel earth tones you've used. Nice job!

Paint on,

Annie from Michigan

BJK_Art said...

Hello, Bronwyn, from the good old midwest USA. I thank you much for the comment on my green apple. I got on that comment site and wrote you back then realized, of course, you probably would never see it! :)
I wrote a short post on the same blog but thought I would write you back personally. I particularly appreciate your comment because I created that painting using only White, Cyan, Magenta and Primary Yellow. I love mixing colors and the more difficult, the better.

I also love textures and your work is very textural-actual and implied. I will definitely keep a watch on your blog.

Annie said...

Hi Bronwyn:

I put your blog on my list of linked blogs. I think people who stop by my blog would enjoy yours too.


Abby Creek Art said...

Hi Miss Bronwyn...this is such a cool painting! I wish I could see it up close so I could see the textures. Nice work!

LINDSAY said...

Very nice! I bet there's alot of texture to see in person. It's a beautiful piece.

Maria said...

Hi Bronwyn,

I can almost feel the roughness of the rocks. Well done! I look forward to seeing it in person one day!