Sunday, 26 August 2007

You've Got to Explore: Etsy!

"I think that buying handmade is a way of expression and communication. You express yourself through the objects that you choose to live with and with the objects that you give to other people. Handmade objects have a different meaning compared to industrial objects because they carry a human energy. The thing that most impacts people is other people. That’s why we experience something nice when we get anything handmade. When you buy handmade you are not only buying an object but you’re also buying a concept, an idea that has to do with the appreciation of what’s human. By buying handmade you are saying in a subtle way that you care about other people and that you are open for them to bring something into your life, it is an exchange, it is human connection."

- elsita, on Etsy. (Elsita mainly sells prints and jewellery.)

Etsy is a marvellous website of all things handmade, by artists and craftspeople from all over the world!

Please don't think that Etsy is limited to craft alone: I searched for "original painting" only to receive over 2,000 results! These results include prints from the seller's original paintings as well as original paintings.

Items for sale on Etsy include: accessories, art, bags & purses, bath & beauty, books & zines, candles, ceramics & potter, (things for) children, clothing, crochet, furniture, geekery (!), glass, holidays (themed), housewares, jewellery, knitting, music, needlecraft, paper goods, patterns, pets, plants & edibles, quilts, supplies, toys, vintage, weddings, woodworking!

There are so many ways to explore Etsy! One of my favourites is the Geolocator, allowing you to see items for sale from almost anywhere in the world. You can also choose any colour, & Etsy will find items for sale to match! The "Recently Listed Items" updates every fifteen seconds! The whole design of the website is just brilliant.

It appears to be simple, quick, & inexpensive to become a seller on Etsy too, & buyers are encouraged to arrange payment via PayPal.

Take a look at Etsy, you'll be hooked!

PS: I found a fellow Queensland artist/craftsperson on Etsy: Nic Hohn!


Erin Earls said...

Etsy is addictive! I love to look and I could make a Very rich person go broke if I could buy everything I wanted! I agree with you whole heartedly about buying hand made. It just makes a difference in how you feel about the item, and how you care for it also.
Love Erin~

andrea said...

Elsita's description is perfect! I think Etsy should use it for their advertising.

anna said...

Hi Bronwyn
Yes, I agree with your comments on etsy - altho when I tried I priced things in Australian dollars - think I should have just stuck with US dollars for more success. Nic's keen tho, so we'll see how she goes, her jewellery is terrific!
Drop by the studio one Sunday if you're in Toowoomba!


BJK_Art said...

Thanks for sharing this site. It was fun looking.
I also agree about handmade - I was a crafter before becoming an artist and I love both. There is always more thought and care put into a handmade gift than I ever put into a bought gift.

A Fanciful Twist said...

It is the best.. ;)

DToms said...

Thanks for the heads up on Etsy, may have to look into joining. Wonderful description by the way. =)

Shano said...

I am SO addicted to Etsy! You can go forever looking at all the great things people have made with their own hands. The level of creativity is mind blowing!!

tlc illustration said...

Etsy is one of my favorite shopping places. And it feels very 'virtuous' supporting hand artisans. :-)