Monday, 5 January 2009

Arts 'ignored' in national curriculum

Arts 'ignored' in national curriculum

"The Federal Government's new national curriculum for schools is focused on the basics of education: English, maths, science, history, geography and languages.

But a new lobby group says the visual arts, drama, dance and music should also be included."

Read more here. Some interesting comments follow this news story.


Helen Read said...

Being an art teacher, and having done my Master's research paper in the connection between fine arts and academic achievement, I think the lobby group is right! The fine arts can definitely have an academic impact - there's so much about teaching students to think differently, to persevere, to use a different part of their brains... and that doesn't even start to address the confidence that students learn - which spills over into every area of life! Its not always so "measurable" for the analytical types - but the value is undeniable!

Emerald Arts said...

You're kidding! Visual literacy is so very important these days.

-Emmeline who just found your blog :)